The taxing season 2022 has officially started, and we are here to help you to file easily, we’ve listed everything expats need to know about filing for 2022 and deadlines.

When does the 2022 US Tax season begin?

 The US Tax year is the same as the calendar year—January 1 to December 31. Tax season refers to the period when the IRS starts bearing the income tax return. In 2022, assess season begins on January 24 and will final until the recording due date.

When Is the US Tax Due date for 2022?

The standard due date for US residents to record a Government Tax Return for assessment FOR the year 2021 is April 18, 2022. (Usually, an expansion from the normal due date of April 15.) However, for US citizens living abroad, this due date is automatically expanded to June 15, 2022.  You can then request a further deadline extension to October 17, 2022. In risky cases, you can even request an extension to December 15. 

Notice: even with an extension, interest will begin accumulating on any taxes you owe starting April 18. An extended filing deadline does not grant you an extension for payment. 

When is the estimated tax due?

Some taxpayers are required to file estimated quarterly tax payments, rather than a single annual return. You will have to file estimated quarterly tax payments if you expect to owe at least $1,000 in US taxes when filing your return. The rules for this are the same for US residents and expats.

The most common groups of taxpayers who must file estimated quarterly taxes are:

  • Taxpayers who are working as freelancers.
  • Taxpayers with significant investing or retirement income.
  • Taxpayers who receive a large payout such as from the sale of a major asset.
  • Taxpayers who receive court-ordered payment.
  • Taxpayers who receive income distributions from a partnership or S corporation.

Although if you’re an expat who is hired by a foreign business that doesn’t withhold or pay taxes to the US government, then you may need to file estimated quarterly payments as well.

Regarding those payments, the last estimated payment was paid on January 18, 2022, for the year 2021, so for the year 2022 due dates will be as follow:

  • April 18, 2022
  • June 15, 2022
  • September 15, 2022
  • January 15, 2023

Deadline for US Business Taxes:

The deadline for the S- corporation and partnership is on March 15, 2022; an automatic extension is applicable for the overseas business until June 15, 2022, in risky cases most business entities can request an additional filing extension till September 15, 2022.

FATCA Report Deadline:

But first what is FATCA? The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is an important development in U.S. efforts to combat tax evasion by U.S. persons holding accounts and other financial assets overseas.

If you have non-US financial assets valued above certain limits, then under these circumstances you must file a FATCA report and attach it with your individual income tax return with the same deadlines.

What is FBAR and when is the Deadline?

FBAR is the foreign bank account reporting, so if you have at least $10,000 deposited in one or more non-US bank accounts, you must report these accounts by filing a filing FinCEN Form 114.

The FBAR must file electronically the FinCEN BSA E-Filing System. The official due date for this form is also April 18, 2022, as the individual tax return, but in worst scenarios, if you missed this date, it will automatically be extended to October 17, 2022.

What happens if you can’t file the tax by the deadline?

For Americans living in the US, there are a lot of extension forms that you can fill out for tax deadlines extensions, and if you’re a US citizen or green card holder you most likely have several automatic extensions without even having to request them.

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