US Expats sometimes need to deal with difficulties communicating with the IRS because of the common occurrence of losing IRS notices and documents in the mail. Many of our clients have run into problems with the IRS simply because they receive the information too late or not at all.

We provide free Tax Account Analysis Reports, which provide information on all your dealings with the IRS for up to 10 years.

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Filing US taxes can be done by you; however, “Tax Actions” does more than just file your taxes: With “Tax Actions” online, simple intake forms and file sharing, our experienced tax professionals, including Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents will file your taxes and deal with the IRS and other government agencies on your behalf at no additional cost to you!


The privacy of your information is part of our core values! Only you and those you authorize will have access to your files. Our practice of preventing unauthorized access of your files to include the use, disclosure, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of your information is second to none!


Your “Tax Actions” tax advisor is here for you. We not only file your taxes, we guide you through the process. Also, you will receive an annual Tax Account Analysis Report, that cover up to 10 years of IRS account transcript, US Tax Account Summary US Tax Account Red Flags, IRS Examinations, IRS Filed Liens, IRS Notices, IRS Payment History, and IRS Assessed Penalties. You are entitled to a free consultation to answer your questions and tax planning. SIMPLY, schedule your consultation now”


“We file it, we own it”. Our tax professionals have the level of expertise and experience that you deserve. You provide us with the required information – we are responsible for the accuracy of your filing. Based on the information we receive from you, we guaranty the accuracy of your tax filings, and we totally represent you with the IRS and any other government agency with no additional cost.